Saturday, August 2, 2014

What Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News Reported On In July

Without comment or editorial, I present this partial list of stories that Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News reported during July, 2014:

➣Lightning strikes--4 stories (in addition to being included in 4 other stories)
➣Prince George--3 stories
➣The Supermoon--3 stories
➣Dust storms--2 stories
➣Kansas City's Verr├╝ckt water slide--2 stories
➣Manhattanhenge--1 story
➣Swimming babies--1 story
➣Scenic tour of Route 66--1 story
➣Mayfly swarm in Wisconsin--1 story
➣5-year-old girl crying because she doesn't want her baby brother to grow up--1 story

➣Whales--2 stories
➣Bear cub with its head stuck in a cookie jar--1 story
➣Panda cub--1 story
➣Wolf pups--1 story
➣Surfing dog--1 story

Movies and TV Shows:
➣The Emmys (to air on NBC Aug. 25)--1 story
➣"Jaws" (released by NBC/Universal in 1975)--1 story
➣"50 Shades of Grey" (to be released next Feb. by NBC/Universal's Focus Features)--1 story
➣"When Harry Met Sally"--1 story
➣"Sharknado 2" (which aired on the NBC-owned SyFy Channel)--1 story
➣"Peter Pan" (to air on NBC Dec. 4 and starring Brian Williams' daughter Allison)--1 story
➣"A Hard Day's Night"--1 story
➣"Seinfeld"--1 story
➣"Boyhood"--1 story

Celebrities & Athletes:
➣Tracy Morgan--2 stories
➣George Clooney--1 story
➣Robert Redford--1 story
➣Adele--1 story
➣Jimmy Fallon/Halle Berry--1 story
➣LeBron James--2 stories
➣Derek Jeter--2 stories
➣George Harrison--1 story

The total time for all these stories combined was 47 minutes 38 seconds, which is the equivalent of more than two entire Nightly News broadcasts. However, in July, Nightly News did not report a single story on:

➢South Sudan
➢South Africa

On the NBC News Twitter feed (@NBCNews), the moderators describe it as, "A leading source of global news and information for more than 75 years." The NBC Nightly News Twitter feed (@NBCNightlyNews) makes no such claim--the moderators simply refer to the broadcast as, "America's most-watched evening news broadcast."