Thursday, July 9, 2009


Can someone please buy Brian Williams a thesaurus? During his intro to Tuesday's Nightly News, Brian informed us that, "Sarah Palin--the Alaska Governor now a short-timer--gives us unprecedented access...." Unprecedented? In the NBC story, Andrea Mitchell interviewed Gov. Palin (and her husband Todd) on a fishing boat in Bristol Bay and later on shore. Meanwhile, on ABC's World News that night, Kate Snow also interviewed Gov. Palin and her husband on a fishing boat in Bristol Bay and later on shore (in fact, during Mitchell's NBC interview, Snow can be clearly seen standing right next to Todd Palin). Gov. Palin also gave similar boat & shore interviews to CNN and FOX. Roget's Thesaurus and The Scribner-Bantam English Dictionary both define "unprecedented" as "unique". So if three other networks aired an identical interview with Gov. Palin, how can Brian claim that NBC's access was "unprecedented"? Perhaps Brian's gaffe was the result of jetlag after he rushed out to Los Angeles to offer his expert opinion on the Michael Jackson memorial.

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