Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brian Williams Exploits Bethany Lansaw

Does Brian Williams have a shred of human decency? On Wednesday's Nightly News, he spent four minutes interviewing Bethany Lansaw, whose husband was killed while protecting her during Sunday's tornado in Joplin, MO. What a shameless and grotesque exploitation of this poor woman's suffering. What a horrible thing to put her through. She was 24 or 48 hours removed from tragically losing her husband (depending on when this interview was taped) and Brian is right there like a vulture to take advantage of her misery in order to gain a few ratings points. How awful. Just because Bethany consented to the interview doesn't mean it was appropriate. People who are grieving over a recent tragic loss can't always be expected to show sound judgment or know what choices are best for themselves. It's supposed to be Brian's responsibility to use discretion and show restraint. He failed miserably. How could he take advantage of this poor woman this way? This is by far the lowest point for Brian Williams and Nightly News. Murrow and Cronkite are rolling over in their graves. I'm surprised that Brian didn't try to get Bethany to hold up a tube of Pringles or eat a Big Mac during the interview. That would have been great publicity for one of Nightly News's sponsors. Or perhaps Brian should have offered her some Tums. Since they work on heartburn, maybe they also work on heartache.

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