Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nightly News Spells Juneau!

Congratulations to the Nightly News producers! On Friday's broadcast, an on-screen graphic informed us that Michael Isikoff was reporting live from "Juneau, AK". That's amazing! During a story last Dec. 25 about using satellites to track air traffic, the Nightly News producers spelled Juneau as "Juno". You know, like in the Ellen Page movie. And last April 26 (as well as on 4/23/10), the producers abbreviated Arkansas as "AK", which is actually the abbreviation for Alaska. But now, they managed to properly spell Juneau AND correctly use AK as a state abbreviation. In the same story! The Nightly News producers are really making progress. Pretty soon, they may even figure out how to spell Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Toledo and Plaquemines Parish, not to mention the country of Colombia (all of which they previously misspelled). Keep up the great work, guys!

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