Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brian Williams--Math Whiz

On Tuesday's Nightly News, Brian Williams reported that singer-songwriter Nick Ashford died at age 70. During the story, a photo of Ashford appeared above Brian's left shoulder with the years "1942-2011" at the bottom of the photo. Now I'm no math whiz, but I'm pretty sure that if you were born in 1942, you don't turn 70 until 2012. If you turned 70 in 2011, you were born in 1941. Apparently, Brian's no math whiz either.

On Friday's broadcast, we saw a clip in which NYU Visiting Professor of Civil Engineering Mohammad Karamouz discusses how New York City's tunnels are vulnerable to flooding in the event of a major hurricane. Unfortunately, a Nightly News graphic misspelled Prof. Karamouz's first name as "Mohammed". Well, at least the producers managed to spell "Irene" correctly. That's gotta be worth something.

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