Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brian Williams Reports From Wellington, New England

On Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams reported the breaking news story of a little girl at the Wellington Zoo who was watching a snarling lion through the glass partition. Brian then told us that the Wellington Zoo was in New England. Actually, it's in New Zealand. He was only off by around 9,000 miles. Seriously, someone needs to buy Brian an atlas. By the way, last June 17, Brian reported a breaking news story about...a little boy watching a snarling lion behind the glass partition at a Colorado zoo. I think it's fair to say that Brian Williams has the little-kid-watches-snarling-lion-behind-glass stories totally covered. Because Brian is all about the hard news. Also on Wednesday, Nightly News brought us a riveting two-minute report about the dangers of yoga. Meanwhile, Brian did not mention the riots in Nigeria over fuel prices because obviously they weren't important enough. But at least we know all about the little girl and the lion. And the dangers of yoga. Great job, Brian! Keep up the good work.

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