Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Madness At NBC Nightly News

In the month of March, NBC Nightly News spent 10 minutes and 34 seconds reporting stories about Iran.  They aired seven minutes worth of stories about Syria.  And they did not do any stories at all about Iraq or the coup in Mali.  By contrast, here are some subjects they covered quite extensively:

***They spent 17:26 on stories about the weather or climate change.
***They spent 14:52 on stories about movies ("Bully", "The Godfather", "The Hunger Games" and various James Cameron movies).
***They spent 12:50 on stories about military veterans and Medal of Honor recipients.
***They spent 12:36 on stories about the $640 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot.
***They spent 12:13 on stories about airlines or the aviation industry.
***They spent 8:32 on stories about Britain's Royal Family (Will and Kate, Harry, Queen Elizabeth).
***They spent 5:47 on stories about NASA or falling space junk.
***They spent 5:32 on stories about the NFL.
***They spent 5:03 on stories about animals.

So we can surmise that at Nightly News, the weather, movies, veterans and the Mega Millions lottery are more important than Iran, Iraq or Syria.  And while Iran may be more important than the British Royal Family, the Royals are more important than Syria.  And animals, football and falling space junk are each more important than Iraq or Mali.  It's nice to know that Brian Williams and his producers have their priorities straight.  Great work, guys.

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