Friday, May 3, 2013

NBC Nightly News Weasels Begin Promoting Sunday Night Football--In May!

This blog has been dormant for the past 8 months.  The reason was pretty mundane: My computer was really old and it couldn't access the new, updated version of  Basically I was locked out of my own blog.  Now I have a different, slightly-less-old computer and I can access this site again.  In lieu of this blog, I've been expressing my opinions through Twitter (@FakeBriWilliams) which has been working pretty well in terms of making my views known (although not quite so well in attracting followers).  I'm not sure what role this blog will have in the future--perhaps it will act as an adjunct to my Twitter posts, since 140 characters can be quite limiting when trying to express the enormous asininity of Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News.  We'll see.

Thought for the day:  It's been three months since the Super Bowl, which means it's time for the weasels at Nightly News to start promoting NFL football again, even though the regular season doesn't begin for four months.  The reason: Sunday Night Football is--by far--NBC's best-rated show and it brings the network a ton of ad revenue.  On last Tuesday's (4/30/13) Nightly News, a story about a Boston bombing victim featured a photo of Patriots QB Tom Brady.  The same broadcast also included a 2:15 story about how the new Atlanta Falcons stadium may displace some local churches.  On Friday (5/3/13), Maria Bartiromo's Nightly News report on the economy included a segment about how the Miami Dolphins were now hiring support and service personnel.  These football references were no accidents--they were intentionally inserted into their respective news stories as a way to shamelessly promote the NFL--and, by association, Sunday Night Football on NBC.  This is the way the sleazy weasels at NBC operate.  They (and "they" includes weasel-in-chief Brian Williams) use Nightly News as a promotional vehicle for NBC sports and entertainment shows.  I guarantee that over the next four months, Nightly News will provide a steadily increasing stream of football-related stories leading up to the start of the NFL season.  And once the season begins, we can expect the NBC weasels to shift into high gear and resume their regular practice of concluding Sunday Nightly News broadcasts with a football story--usually a story that relates directly to one or both of the teams playing later that night on NBC.  NBC Nightly News is often little more than a commercial for Sunday Night Football and other NBC shows.  Did you see the way Nightly News promoted the Olympics last summer?  That's how they roll at NBC.

To quote George Costanza--"I'm back, baby!"

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