Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goody For Nightly News

Sunday's Nightly News broadcast (March 22) was a scant 15 minutes on the east coast because obviously golf is more important (translation: more profitable) than news. And that 15 minute broadcast included four minutes of commercials. Even more infuriating--it also included a two-and-a-half-minute story about the death of Jade Goody, a British reality-TV personality. This is news? Shame on NBC. But maybe I shouldn't complain. Perhaps I should just be thankful for the fifteen minute broadcast. After all, the previous Sunday (3/15), there was no Nightly News at all on the east coast (again, golf was more important). Meanwhile, I read that NBC News president Steve Capus was considering expanding Nightly News from a half-hour to an hour. If NBC can't even fill a 15-minute broadcast with actual news, how can they possibly fill a full hour? With more skateboarding bulldogs, like the ones Nightly News reported on during the Jan. 1 broadcast? Here's a story idea: Instead of showing bulldogs skateboarding, how about showing them waterboarding? I'd like to see two bulldogs waterboarding a poodle. Or better yet, they could waterboard an Afghan Hound. Maybe they'd get some good intel on the Taliban.

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