Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 2009 Peabody Awards

Congratulations to Richard Engel for his well-deserved Peabody Award! I would also like to congratulate Nightly News for the other Peabody Awards they won:

>Best non-stop 24-hour round-the-clock coverage of Michelle Obama
>Most total sponsorship money accepted for a half-hour newscast (calendar year 2008)
>Most extensive coverage of Knut the polar bear (Nightly News shared this award with Animal Planet)
>Most pre-empted weekend newscasts due to football or golf coverage
>Best collection of military challenge coins--Brian Williams (Nightly News shared this award with the Military Channel)
>Best misspelling of a well-known name (tie) Arnold Schwarznegger (sic)--1/26/09 and Stephen (sic) Spielberg--1/11/09
>Most effective use of a paid military analyst who used his air time to promote policies that benefit companies in which he had a financial interest--Gen. Barry McCaffrey
>Best use of a nightly newscast to relentlessly promote their network's Olympic coverage
>Best use of the same clip over and over and over again (people on line at the "Work One" center)
>Best use of news time by an anchor to promote a book by a paid network consultant (Brian Williams' four-minute promotion of Jack Jacobs' book on Dec. 25)
>Best anchor's look of fake indignation--Brian Williams during his 1/23/09 report that Yo Yo Ma's quartet had been playing to pre-recorded music at the presidential inauguration. In fact, NBC News was informed of this on Jan. 20 and only reported it after the New York Times released the story
>Best use of a news story to promote a sponsor's product (the 5/5 story about McDonald's coffee)

Congratulations to all the Peabody winners at NBC!

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  1. You sir are a self-important crank with WAY too much time on your hands. Curious why you single out Nightly, since the many sins you ascribe to that show are identical to what the other networks do (or try to do) every night. Is it because they are more successful? Or do you have some peculiar reason for being so bitter, hateful and smug?