Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Endeavour On The Hudson

When Nightly News led off their Monday broadcast with the relatively benign story about the space shuttle Atlantis embarking on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, the reason was obvious. Brian is hoping for some sort of Space Shuttle accident that will increase Nightly News viewership. Not loss of life, of course, but maybe an emergency that strands the Atlantis astronauts in orbit until they can be rescued by the back-up crew in the Endeavour. That would be totally awesome! NBC could come up with cool news titles like "Rescue In Space" or "Heroes Trapped In Orbit". And if the Endeavour could land in the Hudson--well, then we'd really have something. (In case there's any doubt that Brian is hoping for a space disaster, this is what he said on Wednesday's Nightly News : "And remember, they're in an orbit now where a collision with orbiting space junk becomes a much greater risk." I guess Brian is keeping his fingers crossed.)

How ridiculous that Nightly News did another story on Elizabeth Edwards. They covered every aspect of Edwards' story on Thursday, but lo and behold--there she is again the following Monday. It just so happened that Edwards spoke to Matt Lauer on the Today Show, so Brian felt obligated to run some of the interview on Nightly News. Are we really supposed to believe that Edwards said anything to Lauer that she hadn't already confessed to Oprah last week? Of course not. But NBC already had the Today Show footage, so why not re-hash it on Nightly News?

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