Saturday, October 3, 2009

Breaking News: Grilled Cheese

Thank you Brian Williams and Nightly News for Friday's "Making A Difference" segment about Betty Tucker, who works the overnight shift in the kitchen of Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital. Meanwhile, Nightly News has not even mentioned last Sunday's national election in Germany, but at least we know all about Betty Tucker's grilled cheese. Great job, guys. Keep up the good work.

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    by: David W. Johnson, Jr.

    In too many cases, Men just never take the time to show appreciation
    Women fix their breakfast and rush home to fix dinner in the evening
    Some men take it for granted as if it were your sworn duty or obligation
    All the while, you are doing what you can to please without saying a thing

    It is so hard working eight hours a day and coming home to even more
    Without your strength more of our children would be in jails or deceased
    African-American Women you have what it takes of that we can be sure
    Stepping up when so many positive opportunities for your men decreased

    Most African American Men appreciate the daily sacrifices Women make
    Knowing without African American Women, we would be all but destroyed
    With their demanding jobs, women find time for children, to cook and bake
    Now with the Iraq War, it is worse with so many Good Men being deployed

    My African-American Sisters, stay strong and know, help is on the way
    Men more and more are realizing that death and destruction is no accident
    They are realizing it will take teamwork to save all of our people today
    Before long, the majority of African-American Men will start to represent

    Waiters, cashiers, bus drivers, truck drivers, cab drivers, Sisters do it all
    You drive, catch the bus, cabs, and get hacks to get our children to school
    Preachers, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Politicians, you answer every call
    Whoever thought African American Women were weak, had to be a fool

    The fight is far from over Sisters but thanks to your strength, we will win
    Whatever you do, do not give up on yourselves and do not give up on us
    African American Men and Women together, our children we can defend
    In one another, it is time to rebuild Love, Respect, Unity, Support and Trust

    Sisters, Brothers who truly understand are working hard on those who do not
    You are proving to America everyday that to your Race you are loyal and true
    Thanks to you, many of our children are getting an education and not being shot
    OUR TRULY GREAT & LOVING, “African-American Women…We Thank You”

    African American Men Wish You A Blessed And Safe Life
    Sister, Betty Tucker, Real African American Brothers Truly Appreciate You & All You Do