Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Work One, NBC Zero

Welcome back, Work One! From January through April, anytime Nightly News ran a story about unemployment, they showed a clip of people waiting in line outside a Work One center (which is some sort of job placement center). They used that same clip dozens and dozens of times over that four-month period. They used it so often that I felt like I knew the people in line. Well, it's ba-a-ack. During the intro to Friday's Nightly News (10/2), there it was again--the Work One Center, just as I remember it from earlier this year. All my favorite people were there, slowly trudging through the door. Maybe this is some sort of retro throwback clip, like those commercials that use old ad footage of their products from decades past. Or perhaps it's a seasonal thing. Since everyone in the clip is dressed for winter, the producers may have put it on hiatus during the warm weather. Will we be seeing more vintage clips of the Work One center? Only time will tell.

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