Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Presidential Advis-aeiou-r

Saturday's Nightly News featured two separate promo spots for the following day's edition of Meet The Press. The first promo (at the 13 minute mark of the broadcast) informed us that Sunday's MTP would be featuring "White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod". The second MTP promo (nine minutes later) described Axelrod as "White House Senior Advisor". I imagine that if there was a third MTP promo on Saturday's Nightly News, Axelrod would have been described as "White House Senior Advisur". And on Sunday's Nightly News, a clip from that morning's MTP listed Axelrod as "Senior White House Advisor". I guess the producers thought that sounded much better than "White House Senior Advisor".

On Saturday's second MTP promo, Howard Dean was identified as "Governor of Vermont", despite the fact that he hasn't held that office since 2003.

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