Saturday, December 19, 2009

Roger That

Roger O'Neil's flag-waving, eagle-soaring, ultra-patriotic "news stories" sound as if they were written by someone at Fox News. Or perhaps the Military Channel. That was true of his Sept. 4 story about golf tournaments that benefit people who lost a family member in the military, and it was true of his Friday "Making A Difference" story about Wreaths Across America. Here's how O'Neil began his story: "With respect and reverence, the graves of heroes bathed in the warm embrace of Christmas wreaths." Give me a break. And here's how he ended his story: "The wreaths will adorn the graves through Christmas, each to honor those who served, each to serve as a reminder that freedom is not free. In life they honored their country, today we honor them with gestures fitting for American heroes." Puh-leeze. Just a little bit over the top, I would say. As O'Neil finished his story, I expected flags to unfurl and fireworks to go off behind him as "God Bless America" played in the background. How about if O'Neil just reports the story, and leaves the hyper-patriotism to Glenn Beck?

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