Saturday, February 20, 2010

Halfpipe Brian Williams

When Brian Williams reported from Afghanistan for the Oct./Nov. sweeps period, he usually appeared on camera wearing his little helmet and flak jacket ensemble. Now that Brian is devoting up to half his Nightly News broadcast to the Olympics, I think it would be nice if he dressed in the outfits of the athletes he's reporting on. We could see bobsled Brian, figure skater Brian, hockey player Brian, halfpipe Brian, etc.

From Brian's 2/19 Daily Nightly blog: "Last night, after my wife and I attended figure skating, we got into the hotel elevator and I looked over and saw that the man with us was Dick Button. The one and only Dick Button. We got off at the same floor, and he gave us a world-class 10-minute instant analysis of the night's skating."

Note to Brian: Be very careful when Dick Button gets off the elevator at your floor. He could be a Mossad agent.

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