Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where's Blair?

It has been four days since former British Prime Minister Tony Blair testified at the Chilcot Panel's inquiry into Britain's role in the Iraq war. Blair was forced to defend his decision to send British troops into Iraq in 2003, and was grilled about whether he was too easily persuaded to do so by Pres. Bush. It was fascinating political theater, and it was all televised. But Nightly News did not even mention this story. However, in the days since Blair's testimony, Nightly News managed to find time to report on snowboarder Shaun White, skier Daron Rahlves, Kurt Warner's retirement, pandas, the 25th anniversary of the "We Are The World" song and an 81-year-old actress who recently made her Broadway debut (the producers should have put a "Breaking News" banner on that story). Monday's story about a church group that attempted to take children out of Haiti was virtually identical to Sunday's story. But Nightly News had no time for Tony Blair. I guess if Blair wants to get some screen time on Nightly News, he'll have to compete in this month's Vancouver Olympics.

And I'd like to thank the Nightly News producers for Monday's story about Command Sergeant Major Teresa King. Meanwhile, CBS News did a profile of Sgt. Maj. King three months ago. Oh well, better late than never, I guess.

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