Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nightly News Salutes General Mills

On Monday, CBS Evening News reported that due to a price increase for staples such as corn, wheat, sugar and soy beans, companies like General Mills, Kraft and Kellogg's will be increasing prices on some of their products. Of course, you won't see this story on Nightly News. Brian Williams and his producers don't like to report negative stories about their most lucrative sponsors. But when it comes to positive stories about Nightly News sponsors, Brian can't wait to tell us the good news. On 7/18/07, he was happy to report that Requip is great for treating Restless Leg Syndrome. On 11/13/07, he told us how wonderful Chrysler cars and trucks were. On 2/23/09, we learned how thoroughly United Airlines cleans their planes. On 5/5/09, we saw a great story about the launch of McDonald's new gourmet coffees. On 2/4/10, Brian told us about Heinz's awesome new ketchup packages. On 3/17/10, Brian informed us that Kraft will be using 10% less salt in their products. On 5/14/10, we saw Brian interview Sally Field for 90 seconds about her Boniva ads. On 6/8/10, we found out that Aleve can reduce the risk of heart attacks. On 6/10/10, we were treated to a two-minute story about whether or not Chevys should be called Chevrolets. On 9/24/10, we saw a story about American shopping habits that featured a couple shopping for Cheerios. On 10/27/10, Brian told us all about Scott's new tubeless toilet paper. And on 10/31/10, we saw a great news story all about Pontiac. But don't expect Brian to tell us that General Mills, Kraft and Kellogg's are raising their prices. That would just be a downer.

How far will Nightly News go to promote General Mills? All the way to Afghanistan. Last Saturday, Lester Holt reported a story about the top U.S. Marine commander in Afghanistan's Helmand Province--Maj. Gen. Richard Mills. During the story, Lester referred to him as "General Mills". Well done, Lester. Maybe this week, he'll do a story on Gen. Electric.

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