Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sickening--Part II

This is Brian Williams's Daily Nightly blog post from Thursday: "Allow me to share with you a day like today that makes me count my blessings. While I count them every day, this one was exceptional.

I started the day in the midst of a sparkling, crisp morning on New York's Fifth Avenue. The Veterans Day Parade. I soaked in the passing bands and floats, the old cars...and the proud veterans. Miles of men and women who have served. Cadets from West Point. A beautiful, patriotic, proud day. My job today was to call attention to four Medal of Honor Recipients who were there—four out of the 87 alive today. I was able to see and exchange personal insults and wisecracks with my buddy Bruce Crandall, who was played by Greg Kinnear in 'We Were Soldiers' and who, as usual, wore his beautiful Cavalry hat. I love the man, and I love them all. Bud Bucha was there, as was Gary Beikirch and Nick Oresko. I was trying to figure out what it must be like for Nick--on stage, reviewing the parade, looking at this beautiful City on a beautiful day, knowing the medal around his neck was awarded to him after killing 12 Germans in a war long ago and far away. It all seemed rather distant and cloudy on this clear day.

I went from there to studio 8H, where I entered quietly, sat down 10 feet from the edge of the stage, and watched Arcade Fire rehearse for SNL. It was among my best-ever musical experiences, as was talking with Win Butler and his wife (and collaborator) Regine afterwards. I went from our editorial meeting. There was, shall we say, a palpable difference in energy between the two events."

Barf bags are available on request. Is there anyone more pathetically sycophantic towards the U.S. military than Brian Williams? I doubt it.

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