Monday, January 24, 2011

Brian & Lester Make Mistakes

On Sunday's Nightly News story about Gabrielle Giffords's ongoing recovery, a Nightly News graphic identified Professor Geoffrey Manley as the "Chif of Neurosurgery" at San Francisco General Hospital. So how many years of medical school are required to become a "Chif of Neurosurgery"? Since NBC/Universal owns Bravo, maybe they're planning to spin off "Top Chef" and create "Top Chif".

Also on Sunday, while introducing a story about a successful voice box transplant, Lester Holt referred to a larynx as a "larnyx".

On Monday, Brian Williams introduced Andrea Mitchell as NBC's "Chief Foreign Correspondent". Richard Engel is NBC's Chief Foreign Correspondent. Andrea Mitchell is NBC's Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent. Brian seems to make this mistake about once a month. When is he going to learn who's who at NBC News? Well, it could have been worse. At least he didn't introduce her as NBC's "Chif Foreign Correspondent".

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