Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brian Williams--Exploiting Tucson For Ratings

From Brian Williams's Jan. 13 Daily Nightly blog: "We are back in our New York studios tonight. It has been a long and difficult week, beginning at the moment on Saturday morning when I was—of all places—at the supermarket when I learned of the Tucson shootings."

Me, me, me. As usual, it's all about Brian. Notice how he makes sure to let us know that he was at the supermarket. He goes shopping just like us! He's a reg'lar guy!

"All of us on our travelling team feel like we put down some deep emotional roots in Tucson—it’s hard not to love the people there, and it’s impossible not to ache for what they're going through."

Pander, pander, pander. This is exactly what he says about New Orleans--and every other city that he goes to. Deep emotional roots. Sure, I'll bet. Does exploiting a city and its people for ratings count as "deep emotional roots"?

"Forgive my absence from this space: We were working long, long hours—and there was nothing I thought I could say that would add anything intelligent to the discussion."

Then again--does anything he says ever add anything intelligent to the discussion?

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