Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brian Williams' Exclusive Interview With President Obama

Why didn't Brian Williams claim that his Tuesday Nightly News interview with Pres. Obama was "exclusive"? We all know that Brian likes to say that NBC interviews are "exclusive" even when they aren't. Recently, Brian claimed that an NBC interview with Michelle Obama was "exclusive", and Lester Holt made the same claim about a Charlie Sheen interview (although they each appeared on another network the same day as their NBC interviews). So even though Pres. Obama also gave interviews to ABC and CBS on Tuesday, I'm shocked that Brian didn't announce that his Obama interview was "exclusive". I'm also shocked that he didn't tell us that his interview was better than all the others. That's just the kind of humility the viewers have come to expect from Brian. And why didn't Brian ask the President about the egregious corporate income tax loopholes that allow multibillion-dollar companies like G.E. to get away with paying no income tax? I guess it must have slipped Brian's mind.

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