Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brian Williams--Medal Of Dishonor Winner

Not surprisingly, Brian Williams has been all atwitter this week over the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation's Board of Directors meeting, a board on which Brian serves. He blogged about it like a thirteen-year-old girl who's going to a Justin Bieber concert. He also used part of his Tuesday broadcast to report that some Medal of Honor recipients had rung the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange, because that's really important breaking news (how many times can someone use the word "heroes" in one sentence?).

Let me make sure I understand this. Brian Williams serves on the Board of Directors for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. He also reports regularly--far more than any other news anchor--on the MOH Foundation and the MOH recipients. In other words, he uses his anchor's chair to promote the organization with the specific goal of raising awareness and, ultimately, increasing donations to the foundation (according to the MOH Foundation website, "The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation depends on public donations to continue its important work."). If Brian served on the Board of Directors for McDonald's, I guess he'd be reporting regularly on Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, and those delicious fries. Isn't anyone from Comcast, NBC, the FCC or the media watchdog groups alarmed by Brian's blatant conflict of interest and gross abuse of his anchor's position?

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