Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Earnest Scott Pelley, Creepy Brian Williams

On Tuesday's CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley took thirty seconds to apologize for an error that had been made on the previous night's broadcast. On Monday, while we were being told about a North Korean torpedo attack on a South Korean ship back in March of 2010, we were instead shown footage of a ship being destroyed during an Australian naval exercise. Pelley seemed genuinely upset that the error had occurred. Here's how he finished his apology: "We work all day to prevent mistakes on this broadcast, but when we make a mistake, we want you to hear it from us first." That sounds sincere. Can you imagine Brian Williams ever apologizing for any of the multiple errors that occur on every Nightly News broadcast? The spelling errors, the factual errors, the shameless promotion of NBC sponsors and TV shows? That will never happen. Brian's ego is simply too big to allow him to acknowledge any mistakes, either his own or someone else's at Nightly News. The closest he came was on Nov. 30, when he apologized for the fire alarm that kept interrupting the previous night's broadcast. And as part of that "apology", Brian told us that he, "looked for the guy responsible" just to make sure that we knew Brian wasn't to blame for the screw-up. Note to Brian: The captain of the ship isn't supposed to blame the crew when something goes wrong.

Most Grotesque Moment of the Week So Far: On Monday's Nightly News, Brian spent more than a minute obsequiously kissing Chelsea Clinton's ass. It was grotesque and creepy. It was almost as creepy as last Thursday, when Brian referred to Sasha and Malia Obama as "those beautiful girls". I think it's fair to say that Brian is obsessed with presidential daughters. Watch out, Amy Carter.

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