Monday, December 5, 2011

Reason #654 Why NBC Nightly News Is A Joke

Let me make sure I understand this. On Sunday, Nightly News started 10 minutes late on the east coast (because golf ran over) so it was only a 20-minute broadcast. Despite the shortened time frame, the producers still managed to include a two-minute story about pandas and the obligatory Will & Kate story. For other networks, an abbreviated broadcast would mean eliminating the silly, trivial non-news stories. But at Nightly News, it means eliminating real news so they can show us more worthless drivel. God forbid the producers would ever cut a panda story or a Will & Kate story from the broadcast. So Nightly News viewers may have no idea what's going on across the country and around the world, but at least we know all about Sweetie and Sunshine. Great job, Nightly News producers. Just another reason why Nightly News is a joke.

Also on Sunday's broadcast, a clip of David Axelrod from that day's "Meet the Press" carried a Nightly News graphic that identified Axelrod as a "Senior Obama Campaign Adviser". On Monday, a different clip of Axelrod carried a Nightly News graphic that identified him as an "Obama Campaign Senior Advisor". Why did the Nightly News producers spell adviser/advisor two different ways on two different days? And why was the order of words in Axelrod's job description changed around from one day to the next? Have any of the Nightly News producers ever heard of something called consistency? Is anyone at Nightly News paying attention to what they're doing? Does anyone care?

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