Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brian Williams Reports And Reports And Reports

NBC was so pleased with the recent special "Inside The Obama White House: Brian Williams Reports" that the network has commissioned additional Brian Williams special reports, some of which have already been completed. Here's what we can expect to see in the coming months:

> "Brian Williams Reports: Inside Jon & Kate Plus Eight...And Brian Makes Nine!"--In this NBC News special, Brian is granted unprecedented access to Jon & Kate and their eight children. Brian asks important questions like: What is Hannah's favorite ice cream flavor? What is Leah's favorite crayon color? Does Aaden prefer SpongeBob SquarePants or Dora the Explorer? Was Cara ever convicted of a crime? Brian's crew filmed over 150 hours of footage including 13 hours of interviews with Shooka and Nala, the Gosselins' German Shepherds. In the second installment, Brian takes the sextuplets to the dentist.

> "Brian Williams Reports: Inside Knut's Cage"--In this six-part series, Brian spends a week living with Knut the polar bear, a favorite profile subject of Nightly News. Brian interviews Knut on a wide variety of issues ranging from the effects of global warming on the polar bear population to the difficulty of finding fresh walrus meat at Zabar's. With the help of Dr. Phil, Brian asks a tearful Knut how it felt to be abandoned by his parents. In the final hour, Brian takes Knut to Nobu for some seal sashimi, where Knut gets harassed by the PETA people because he's wearing fur.

> "Brian Williams Reports: Inside Susan Boyle"--Brian follows SuBo around as she prepares for her first European tour. Highlights include Susan having a meltdown and insulting Brian's tie, and a forty-minute tutorial on haggis. In the final episode, Brian duets with Susan on "I Dreamed A Dream".

> "Brian Williams Reports: Inside Tyson And Tillman"--Brian hangs ten with the skateboarding bulldogs (first profiled on the Jan. 1 Nightly News) and asks probing questions like: What makes them tick? And do they have ticks? Find out as Brian takes a flea bath with the bulldogs.

> "Brian Williams Undercover: Inside The Counterfeit Market For Military Challenge Coins"--Brian dons a multitude of disguises to expose the counterfeit market for Military Challenge Coins. With the help of "Dateline" correspondent Chris Hansen, Brian uses his prized personal collection of Military Challenge Coins (which he proudly displayed on the Jan. 14 Nightly News) to lure a counterfeiter into a sting operation, where the perp is mildly rebuked by a Deputy Sheriff before being released with a desk appearance ticket.

> "Brian Williams Reports: Inside Brian Williams"--Brian follows himself around for a week and asks himself important questions like: "Is my hair okay?", "How does my tie look?" and "Has Bono called?" Unfortunately, Brian is too busy to grant himself an interview. In the final episode, Brian duets with himself on "I Dreamed A Dream".

> "Brian Williams Retorts: Outside The Obama White House"--Brian Williams stands outside the White House fence and answers critics who claimed he was way too soft in his recent interviews with President Obama. Some of Brian's retorts include: "Oh yeah, says who?", "Nuh-uh, was not!", "That's what YOU think!", "So's your old man!" and the always reliable, "I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you."

> "Brian Williams Repots: Inside The Obama Greenhouse"--Brian is joined by Michelle Obama as he repots all the plants on the White House grounds. This will lead to a ten-part Nightly News expose on root rot. Special guest: Martha Stewart.

> "Brian Williams Repos: Inside The Automobile Repossession Industry"--Brian spends a week working the night shift with two Newark repo men. In the first installment, Brian is chagrined when he mistakenly repos the car of Newark Mayor Corey Booker. In the final episode, Brian duets with Mayor Booker on "I Dreamed A Dream".

> "Brian Williams Reposts: Inside The Daily Nightly Blog"--Brian goes undercover as a harsh critic of Nightly News and attempts to leave unflattering messages on the Daily Nightly blog. When the moderators refuse to post Brian's negative comments, he is forced to repost them over and over again.

> "Brian Williams Repents: Inside The Evangelical Movement"--Brian spends a month with several Evangelical congregations. In one installment, Brian is instructed to exorcise his demons, but he misunderstands and instead travels to a U.S. Naval base where he exercises with seamen. (Note: Portions of this broadcast will be subtitled when Brian begins speaking in tongues.)

In addition to these upcoming NBC News specials, Brian will also be starring in three new shows from the NBC Entertainment Division:

> "CSI: 30 Rock"--In this drama, Brian Williams stars as Brian Wilton, a network news anchor who uses his amateur forensic sleuthing skills to solve mysteries in and around NBC headquarters. In the pilot episode, Brian and his sidekick Stevie, a nerdy high school science teacher (played by Robert Bazell) use their knowledge of forensics to determine that the furry green blob in the Nightly News refrigerator is actually a tuna sandwich left there by John Chancellor in 1966. Special guest star: Tina Fey. Premieres this fall--Thursdays at 9:00 (8:00 Central). And don't forget to stay tuned for Jay!

> "Anchors Away!"--In this comedy, Brian Williams plays William Bryan, a network news anchor who yearns for a less hectic life. So he packs up his stuff and moves his family to Fargo, where he takes a job anchoring the 6 & 11 PM newscasts of the local NBC affiliate. The laughs ensue as William has to deal with a temperamental weather girl (Lindsay Lohan), an arrogant investigative reporter (Stephen Colbert) and an indecisive executive producer (Jason Alexander). In the pilot episode, William discovers that the hotshot sportscaster Tony Denzi (Tony Danza) has been taking naps in his anchor chair. Special guest star: Candice Bergen. Premieres this fall--Tuesdays at 9:30 (8:30 Central). Right before Jay!

> "Brian's Got Talent"--In this variety/reality/competition/news show, Brian Williams duets with special guests and aspiring singers on "I Dreamed A Dream". And in the regular "The Week In Revue" segment, Brian sings the news of the week with Nightly News correspondents Andrea Mitchell, Jim Miklaszewski and Martin Fletcher. Special guest co-host: Sanjaya. Premieres this fall--Wednesdays at 8:00 (7:00 Central). Only two hours before Jay!

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