Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Give Us 80 Seconds, We'll Give You The World

I would like to sincerely thank Brian Williams and the Nightly News producers for the 80 seconds of non-Michael Jackson news that they presented on Friday's broadcast. I truly feel that in those 80 seconds, I was given a full and comprehensive portrait of all the important events going on in our country and around the world. I am glad to see that Nightly News is achieving its goal of becoming indistinguishable from the shows that follow it (in the New York market): Extra and Access Hollywood.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Except for those 80 seconds, all of Friday's Nightly News was about Michael Jackson. Meanwhile, during the "Fun Facts" segment of that night's Late Show With David Letterman (which appears to have been taped before Jackson's death), Letterman said this: "On Feb. 21, 2003, every story on the NBC Nightly News dealt with chocolate milk." I wouldn't doubt it for a second.

The most unintentionally ironic part of Thursday's Nightly News broadcast was when Brian Williams was discussing Michael Jackson with Lester Holt (as if Holt is some sort of an expert on Jackson). At one point, Williams noted that over the years, Jackson had "virtually changed his entire physical appearance." Since they were facing each other, Williams and Holt were seen in profile, meaning that Brian's nose job was clearly obvious. I guess Michael Jackson isn't the only one who felt the need to change his physical appearance.

Finally, NBC announced on Friday that they would be indefinitely postponing the debut of Jay Leno's prime time show. Instead of giving the Monday-through-Friday 10 PM slot to Leno, NBC plans to use that time to broadcast Michael Jackson specials five nights a week in perpetuity.

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