Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Not-Quite-News

Brian Williams began the June 17 Nightly News by telling us (in his most earnest anchor voice) that thanks to a full-show sponsorship, "Tonight's broadcast is coming to you with limited commercial interruption--that means more time for news...." Meanwhile, that night's broadcast included the President Obama fly-swatting incident (for the second consecutive night) and a two-and-a-half minute "news story" about healthy food available at ballparks. Good thing there was more time for news. Maybe next week, Nightly News will report about the cleaner rest rooms at ballparks.

And on tonight's broadcast, Lester Holt told us about the new Pentagon report acknowledging that last month's U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan had actually killed 86 civilians, triple the original estimate. That story was given the same amount of airtime as a story about the release of the official portrait of Bo, the White House dog. It's nice that the producers have their priorities straight. NBC News. Making sense of it all.

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