Saturday, August 1, 2009

Condescending, Patronizong And Superior

When I saw Brian Williams's ridiculous 10-second promo that followed Friday's Nightly News, all I could think was: how condescending. In his most earnest anchor voice, Brian says, "The President has called the economy job number one. People are scared--they're uneasy. But we're all in this together. You want to have someone with you making sense of it all." We're all in this together? Really? So with his 8-figure salary, Brian is just like the rest of us trying to make ends meet? I'm sure. And this isn't the first time Brian has pretended to be just a regular guy struggling to get by during a financial crisis. On the March 12 Nightly News he said, "And if we're all feeling poorer, the Federal Reserve put some actual numbers on that today." Yes, I'm sure Brian is really feeling poorer due to the effects of the economic downturn. I hope he can manage to keep up the mortgage payments on his vacation home in Yarmouth, Maine. Here's some advice for Brian: Don't pretend to be one of the regular "folks" (a word he uses way too often). It makes him come off as patronizing and superior. I mean even more than he usually does.

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