Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too Much AC

Why do the Nightly News producers continue to use Ann Curry as a fill-in for Brian Williams? She's not a reporter or an anchor--she's a "television personality" like Rachael Ray or Kelly Ripa. She talks so fast that she constantly slurs and mispronounces her words. She also combines words to create new ones (such as "Obaministration"). Her gush of "thank you"s after each report are uncomfortably out of place on an evening newscast. And it doesn't appear that she's even paying attention to what she's doing. On Thursday, Curry referred to correspondent Ron Allen as "Ron Paul". Come on--this isn't rocket science. News reader. Read the news. The words appear on the teleprompter and the reader reads them. Simple enough. NBC has plenty of competent people to fill in for Brian (Carl Quintanilla and Amy Robach come to mind). Why use someone who can't manage to fulfill the job requirements? Here's an idea: Why not use Jay Leno as fill-in anchor? It would be great promotion for his upcoming show. And let's face it--promoting other NBC properties is one of the main goals of Nightly News.

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