Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cult Member Brian

From Brian Williams's Sept. 17 Daily Nightly blog: "If you watch any NBC programming, you've seen them: The public service announcements on smoking prevention, good health, manners, child-raising and generally good things. They are hosted by recognizable faces from the NBC television family, and they are called 'The More You Know' (accompanied by a short jingle). They are among the best things our company does, they are well-produced and perform a true public service. I look forward to doing them every year, and I've just returned from this year's production shoot, where my place in the batting order was after Jimmy Fallon and before Dr. Nancy Snyderman. It is always a true pleasure being asked to be involved in such a worthy campaign, and I want to publicly thank Susan Haspel, who runs the operation, for treating me so well year after year."

Is he kidding us? What a load of crap. Among the best things NBC does? What good things does NBC do? It earns billions of dollars from stupid comedies, mindless reality shows, inane dramas and infomercials. NBC also airs news shows whose main goal is to earn money by pandering for high ratings. If Brian really thinks that NBC is doing good things, he's been drinking the Kool-Aid for way too long. Actually, Brian does sound a lot like a cult member. "The NBC television family...They perform a true public service...I look forward to doing them every year...It is always a true pleasure...such a worthy campaign." Wow. Brian needs some serious anti-cult therapy. He should visit the NBC Vice-President For De-Programming.

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