Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brian Williams: Promisebreaker

Yet again, Brian Williams has broken his promise. On the Jan. 5, 2009 Nightly News, Brian solemnly promised not to do any stories on the Obama children unless "there is a compelling reason to do so." Barely seven months later (8/17/09), Nightly News aired a story about Sasha and Malia's totally excellent summer vacation. Seven months after that (3/25/10), we got another story about the girls' spring break. Six weeks ago (7/16/10), we were treated to a story about the Obamas' trip to Acadia National Park--with a special focus on Sasha and Malia.

And now, on Friday, Nightly News presented their fourth story about Sasha and Malia. In this nearly-three-minute story, Norah O'Donnell told us everything we could possibly want to know about the girls. They're up early (6:00 AM!), their schedules are jam packed, they watch no TV during the week, they're not on Facebook or MySpace, they don't text, and don't own cell phones. This isn't a news story--it's just gossip. People Magazine would be proud of this story. So what happened to Brian's pledge not to report on Sasha and Malia? What was the "compelling reason" to do this story? I know that Brian is a regular reader of this blog. I would like to hear him explain to all the Nightly Daily readers why he once again broke his promise to his viewers.

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