Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pass The Barf Bag

This was Brian Williams's Daily Nightly blog post for Sept. 24: "I'm sitting in my office watching the in-house closed circuit feed of SNL rehearsals for tomorrow night's season premiere, with guest host (and returning SNL veteran) and all-around great person Amy Poehler. Suddenly, all seems right with the world. I will be watching, along with fans of the show everywhere, when showtime arrives on Saturday night. In the meantime, what apears to be a respiratory illness is sweeping through our newsroom -- those of us who aren't sick are paranoid, and those of us who are left here...are working like dogs. So off I go, while wishing you a good weekend. We hope you can join us tonight."

Does Brian write or say anything that does not have some promotional value either to him, to Nightly News or to an NBC show? Shameless.

And someone should tell Brian how to spell "appears".

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