Saturday, September 18, 2010

NBC's Education Summit: The Irony

During Wednesday's Nightly News lead story about Christine O'Donnell's victory in the Delaware Republican senate primary, Michael Steele was identified by an on-screen caption as the "Repulican (sic) National Committee Chairman". Moments later, Nightly News ran a story about the need for education reform in the District of Columbia's drastically underperforming schools, followed by a promo (read by Brian Williams in his most anchorly voice) for NBC's upcoming series of reports they call Education Nation, which will "shine a spotlight on education in America". Are they kidding us? NBC News is focusing on education while they misspell words almost every night? That is the very definition of irony. It seems obvious that the Nightly News producers could greatly benefit from their own education reports. It might help them learn how to spell "Republican", not to mention all the other words that they have misspelled on Nightly News over the years.

Speaking of which, this is from Brian Williams's Sept. 16 Daily Nightly blog: "Imagine my surprise this morning, minding my own business, doing what America does every morning: Watching Today on NBC. The guest? John Hamm. The great Don Draper of 'Mad Men' fame. The host: Meredith Viera. Take it away, Mr. Hamm."

Okay--for now let's just ignore Brian's vomit-inducing plug for Today. The big news here is that Brian Williams doesn't even know (or care) how to spell the name of his fellow NBC anchor Meredith Vieira. Worse yet, he also misspelled Jon Hamm's name. Appalling. This is a network anchor? I only hope Brian doesn't decide to write about Mika Brzezinski.

Wednesday's Nightly News broadcast also included an obituary for NBC newsman Edwin Newman. Newman was known as a protector of the English language and a stickler for proper grammar and usage. One can only wonder what Mr. Newman would think of all the errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and math that Nightly News makes on a regular basis. Come to think of it, that may be what killed him.

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