Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brian Williams--Master Grammarian

From Brian Williams's Feb. 8 Daily Nightly blog: "Perhaps because...shall we say...sensitivities are high right now after the Super Bowl—the snow, the ice, the missing seats—the good people of Dallas (at least a few of them) lit up my email this week. It seems we indicated that the stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys is in Dallas. Of course it isn't. It’s in Arlington, Texas...although as structures go, its closely identified with 'Dallas' as a brand name, just as owner Jerry Jones is closely identified with the 'Dallas Cowboys.' Officially: We regret the error. More than that: I understand the sensitivity. I am a native New Jerseyan. Our State is home to the New York Giants and the New York Jets. I've never quite figured out how that works."

The bold word in Brian's blog was supposed to be "it's". Someone should tell Brian that grammar counts. Nightly News should do an Education Nation story about all the grammatical errors on Nightly News and on Brian's blog. And what's with the Royal "we": "...we indicated...We regret the error"? Brian made the error. Why is he trying to blame others for his mistake?

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