Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brian Williams Thinks He's The President

From Brian Williams's Feb. 9 Daily Nightly blog: "I get a lot of emails--some about things I say on the air, some about things people think they heard me say on the air, some personal ('BW definitely colors his hair!' -- I don't, and never have, but every time I'm under the lights in our Washington Bureau, people think I color my hair...) but most professional...having to do with what we cover or what people want us to cover."

Let me make sure I understand this. On Wednesday morning, Michelle Obama appeared on "The Today Show" and one of the very important topics Matt Lauer asked her about is whether President Obama colors his hair. She said he doesn't, it's just that the lighting makes it appear that way. And that very same night, Brian Williams writes a blog post denying that he colors his hair and saying it's just that the lighting makes it appear that way. Wow. I think it's pretty obvious that Brian is obsessed with comparing himself to President Obama. Is that what he means when he calls himself a Presidential history buff? I've heard that Brian recently started smoking just so that he can quit like the President did.

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