Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keith Miller Tells It Like It Is

On Monday night, BBC World News America did a story on the (over)saturation coverage of Prince William and Kate Middleton's upcoming wedding. As part of the story, the BBC correspondent interviewed Keith Miller of NBC News regarding the American media's perspective on the wedding. Here is what Miller said: "The appetite in America is insatiable for this story and we will literally cover as a network every single event regardless of how insignificant it may appear if it gives us some insight into Kate Middleton or Prince William. We'll do it because our audience wants to know about it."

Thank you, Keith Miller. Finally, someone at NBC News has confirmed what we already know is true. First, that NBC News reports on "insignificant" things. Second, that they are going to waste our time by reporting ad nauseam on every minuscule Will & Kate morsel, no matter how ridiculously inconsequential it is. Third, and most important, Miller confirmed that NBC News reports stories based not on their significance or news value, but rather based on how much the viewers want to see these stories. That means that NBC News is not a news organization--it's just a popularity poll. A news organization is supposed to inform viewers about national and world events, not simply hold a mirror up to pop culture. To an extent, the Royal Wedding is news and deserves some coverage. But the dozens and dozens of pointless Royal Wedding stories that NBC News will inevitably be reporting between now and April 29 (and beyond) will certainly be far in excess of what a serious news organization should be reporting. For those people who want to know every single detail about Will & Kate, there's the E! Channel or BBC-America or any one of the thousands of websites that specialize in Royal watching. But Nightly News shouldn't be wasting their viewers' time with this fluff. Even if Keith Miller thinks they should.


  1. but surely you have to see both sides you cannot simply take a saying and comment on it singularly without its surrounding meanings, sure on its own you stand correct on your opinion yet without a doubt that sentence miller used was to intensify the importance and the scale of which Nbc will be covering, at the end of the day Nbc will have every footage and information for every type of viewer with different wants and needs whereas others will only have a selected amount of footage which they consider good enough for the viewers

  2. also may I add Keith said that they will cover anything to be able to get some insight into kate and William, that shows the dedication that Nbc has to want to be able to get as close as possible to knowing more than anyone else

  3. Kieth Miller is the best Journalist in the world FACT