Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brian Williams Shamelessly Exploits Gabby Giffords

From Brian Williams's April 21 Daily Nightly blog: "I spent some time today with friends of mine -- people I first met through work -- people I first met because of a national tragedy. They are aides to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, and we talked about their lives, their work and their boss."

It's shameful that Brian Williams would claim to be friends with Gabby Giffords' staff. They're people he's met a few times while he was trying to exploit them. That hardly constitutes friendship. It's obvious what's going on here. Brian is cozying up to Giffords' staff and trying to ingratiate himself with them in the hope that he can eventually snag the first interview with Giffords since her shooting. That's what this is about. Creating the illusion that he is close to the Congresswoman in order to boost his ratings. For Brian Williams, it's all about the ratings all the time. Shameful.

Brian continues: "That shooting in Tuscon truly is one of the 'Where were you when you heard?' moments of the past few years. Oddly, I was coming out of a supermarket when my wife found me and called me with the news -- I sat paralyzed in the car, with the groceries in the back seat, listening to the early news coverage on satellite radio. I later went home and was transfixed by the early television coverage on cable while making preparations to go to Arizona myself."

Naturally, it's all about him: "I was coming out of a supermarket...I sat paralyzed in the car...I later went home...." The first thing Brian did after hearing about what happened to Giffords was to figure out how he could exploit her shooting to get higher ratings for his broadcast.

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