Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cognitive Impairment Among The Nightly News Producers

During Tuesday's Nightly News story about Alzheimer's Disease, an on-screen graphic told us that stage two of the disease included the symptom "Mild Cognative [sic] Impairment". Cognitive means of or relating to intellectual activity. So the Nightly News producers did not have enough intellectual capacity to properly spell a word that relates to intellectual activity. That is the very definition of irony.

This is from Brian Williams's April 20 Daily Nightly blog: "The local sheriff's office has purchased a fleet of three-wheeled dreadnaughts that cruise the terminals and gate areas. These suckers stand out: They are tricked-out with LED's and faux mag wheels. They are to Segues what Bentleys are to Smart Cars."

Someone should tell Brian that the scooters he's thinking of are called Segways, not Segues.

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