Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brian Williams's April Fool's Joke

This is Brian Williams's April 1 Daily Nightly blog post: "My thanks to the FDNY—the rock stars, the very best in the firefighting business. I was with them most of the day at their command center, getting briefed by the Incident Management Team in Brooklyn, an outgrowth of 9/11. I met with the top commanders, the Chief of Department, the Commissioner—and I saw all the technology and toys and equipment—but mostly I saw the talent in that facility. If all New Yorkers could see what I saw today and meet the people I met today, they'd thank God to be able to live in a City so well-protected. While the same, of course, can be said for the professionals of the NYPD, I'm a fire guy. Today's visit was in connection with a speech and appearance I'm due to make in the coming days. My thanks to everyone involved."

Is he serious? Is this some sort of April Fool's joke? Well, it's nice to see Brian taking time off from pandering to the military so that he can instead pander to the Fire Dept.

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