Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Apology From The Executive Producer

From the April 24 Daily Nightly (the NBC News blog):

by Bob Epstein, Executive Producer
We understand there may have been a technical problem for some of our viewers watching Nightly News Friday night. You may have missed Michael Okwu’s Making a Difference report on bringing health information to barbershops.
We apologize and if you want to see the report, you can watch it below.

My response to Bob Epstein:
Of all the major shortcomings, pandering and conflicts of interest that regularly comprise Nightly News, this is what you choose to apologize for? How about an apology for presenting dozens of "Making A Difference" segments with zero news value while ignoring actual news stories? How about an apology for allowing your news content to be influenced by all the pharmaceutical sponsorship money NBC accepts? How about an apology for choosing to pursue high ratings at the expense of reporting real news? How about an apology for allowing Brian Williams to turn the broadcast into his own personal forum for promoting his friends (Jack Jacobs, Yo Yo Ma) and his interests (American cars, Medal of Honor recipients)? How about an apology for frequently pre-empting the east coast weekend edition of Nightly News because of golf or football? Or for censoring and delaying comments on your blog that are critical of NBC? And most important--how about an apology for "Howie Do It"?

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