Saturday, April 25, 2009

In Case You Missed It

In case there is anyone out there who was unable to watch Friday's Nightly News, here is some of what you missed:

*A three minute segment on the U.S. auto industry. The segment could have been done in half that time, but we all know how much Brian loves American cars.
*A discombobulated three minute segment from Ann Curry in Iraq. I think it would really help if she was given a teleprompter instead of making her rely on her written notes. Also, it would help the viewers if Curry's comments could be subtitled. She speaks so fast that it's often difficult to understand what she's saying.
*A two-and-a-half minute segment from Luke Russert on the difficulty in finding jobs even for people who have college and graduate degrees. That was actually the entire story. Russert could have said it in fifteen seconds. I had to laugh when Russert asked one woman, "So you thought going to grad school would better your job prospects?" Her response was, "Isn't that pretty much why everybody goes to grad school?" If there was a cartoon bubble over her head, it would have read "DUH!" Brian introduced Luke as "a special member of our family." Why is he special? Because his father worked for NBC? It reminds me of a plot line from "The Sopranos". When Christopher's father died, Tony brought Christopher into the "family". I wonder if we'll ever see the secret video from when Luke was "made". I've heard that he had to place his hand on Brian's collection of military challenge coins and swear his allegiance to the NBC family.
*Another two-and-a-half minute segment on some Londoners who want to slow things down. I'm not sure what the point was. This story was mostly about Dawna Friesen. There's Dawna gazing at some flowers! There's Dawna writing a letter! There's Dawna eating lunch (twice)! There's Dawna switching off her phone! There's Dawna sunbathing! This is what airs on a network news broadcast? It looked more like a reality show than a news story. How about showing Dawna reporting some news?
*A forty second story about some robins that hatched in a bush on the White House lawn. I guess Bo was unavailable.
*Brian read a twenty second promo for Matt Lauer's interview with Capt. Richard Phillips that will air next week.

Meanwhile, there was no mention of the South African election, the protests going on in Bangkok or the fighting in Sri Lanka. But at least we know all about Dawna Friesen. Well done, NBC!

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