Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brian Williams--A Boob At The Beeb

This is from the March 29 "BBC World News America anchor Matt Frei spoke with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams for Frei's BBC Radio 4 programme, 'Americana.' (like how we added the -mme?) During the show, Williams describes himself to the UK audience as a 'Rapidly graying, hunched over, 50-year-old white American male, college drop-out, came up the hard way, six-feet tall, slim build, increasingly haggard looking' anchorman."

Did Brian Williams also talk about how he deceives and bamboozles the American public every night? About how much time he spends reporting on his favorite things (American cars, Springsteen, firefighters, the space program, Medal of Honor winners, etc.) at the expense of real news? About his inability to distinguish between a story that is important and a story that is important to him? Did he talk about how he favorably reports on certain products because they advertise heavily on NBC (Heinz, Walmart, McDonald's and Kraft Foods are some recent examples)? Did he talk about how he protects his pals at Pfizer, Glaxo and other big pharma companies by not reporting harmful news about their products? Did he talk about the whopping 160 minutes of Olympic-related stories that Nightly News aired before, during and after the Olympics? Did he talk about all the time he wastes every night reporting on skateboarding bulldogs, popular youtube videos, little girls who throw back foul balls at Phillies games, birthday messages to Springsteen, centenarians, blind and deaf dachshunds, the Second City comedy troupe, teenage jazz singers, military challenge coins, pink dolphins, McDonald's new gourmet coffees, Susan Boyle, White House party crashers, children who like to hug each other, how painful it is to dance in high heeled shoes and countless other stories that have not a shred of news value? Did he tell Matt Frei about the way he shills for NBC shows by doing "news stories" about Seth Meyers, Jay Leno, Tina Fey and other NBC stars? Did he mention that he flat out lied on the Jan. 8 Jay Leno Show when Leno asked him how many Tiger Woods stories Nightly News had reported (Williams claimed only two, although Nightly News had reported at least five)? Did he talk about how he frequently brags on-air about NBC's ratings, even though he often fudges the numbers? Did he talk about his bizarre and inappropriate use of African American jargon (on Feb. 5, he told Jimmy Fallon that, "I've been a white guy all my life", "I mean that as a brother", and that network news was, "The one bro and Katie and Diane.")? Did he talk about the numerous spelling, math, grammar and factual errors on his supposedly professional news broadcast? Did he talk about how he makes a point of reporting obituaries for former NBC stars just so that NBC Universal can earn some extra money on their DVD sales (Merlin Olsen, Fess Parker and Robert Culp are some recent examples)? Did he discuss his insufferable sanctimony when it comes to talking about members of the military (he often uses phrases like "wounded warriors" and "fallen heroes") or the Afghan orphanage he solicits money for? Did he talk about how he thinks he knows so much more about music than everyone else (he lectured viewers recently about how the "Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East" album was "on the list, by the way, of mandatory albums.")? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Brian Williams didn't mention any of these things during his BBC interview.

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