Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank You, Nightly News Producers

I would like to thank the Nightly News producers for Monday's story about the Chicago students who are being taught how to play musical instruments. Meanwhile, that night's broadcast did not include a single story from Europe, Africa, South America or Eastern Asia. On Sunday, hundreds of Christian villagers near Jos, Nigeria were massacred by machete-wielding Muslims. On Monday, dozens died when a 6.0 earthquake hit eastern Turkey. And Toyota spokespersons accused a Southern Illinois University professor of manipulating circuitry in Toyotas in order to show an electronic cause for sudden acceleration. Nightly News did not report any of these stories. But they did spend six and a half minutes on stories about the Oscars, letters written to Jackie Kennedy and the Chicago students who are learning music. Well done, Nightly News producers. Keep up the good work.

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