Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mr. Arrogant Goes To Washington

From Brian Williams's March 10 Daily Nightly Blog: "Another week, another Amtrak ride to Washington. I'm here tonight because of a gathering at the Kennedy Center to honor Andeisha Farid, the woman we introduced you to during our last trip to Afghanistan....Just because of what they saw on television, our viewers donated enough money to help enable Andisha to open up three more orphanages and serve even more children—most of whom have lost one or both parents to warfare. I want everyone who reacted in that way to feel good—I'm here as your representative to thank Andisha for her good works and loving heart."

First of all, Brian, do not EVER claim to represent me in any context for any reason. That is incredibly offensive. Nothing you do or say is ever representative of how I feel or what I think. It is absolutely the height of arrogance to claim to represent your viewers. Second, if you want to honor Ms. Farid, how about spelling her name correctly? You spell it as both "Andeisha" and "Andisha". That's not very respectful. Third, why didn't you give a shout-out to all the "sharp-eyed viewers" who noticed that you were in Washington on Wednesday? Don't you like us anymore?

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