Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brian Williams's Hazy Memory

Let it be entered into the official Nightly News record: On March 16, Brian Williams read a brief story about Tiger Woods's impending return to golf next month. The reason I mention it is because on Jan. 8 Brian appeared on The Jay Leno Show, and Jay asked Brian about the way in which Nightly News has been covering the Tiger Woods story. Brian's response was, "We have done the Tiger Woods story I think twice and the second time was just the business impact...." Let me refresh Brian's memory: As of Jan. 8, Nightly News had done no fewer than five Tiger Woods stories (and possibly more) beginning with his initial car crash on Nov. 27. Other Tiger Woods stories appeared on the 12/2, 12/11, 12/12 and 12/13 Nightly News broadcasts. Brian must have accidentally understated the number of Tiger Woods stories he'd reported. So in case Brian has any plans to appear on The Tonight Show in the near future, let me be the first to remind him not to forget his March 16 Tiger Woods story. After all, if Jay again asks Brian about how many Tiger Woods stories he's reported, I wouldn't want Brian to inadvertently give the wrong answer.

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