Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brian Williams Hates Your City!

Once again, Brian Williams has renewed his bizarre and inappropriate habit of pandering to certain cities. This is what Brian said on Thursday's Nightly News: "And is there any place more spectacular on a beautiful day than Chicago, Illinois?" I don't know--why don't we ask the people of Milwaukee, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Denver, Boston, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Philadelphia, Memphis, Omaha, San Diego, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Francisco, Albany, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., Portland or Seattle? I think they might have something to say about it. Does Brian really believe that part of his job is to announce what he thinks is the most spectacular city in the U.S.? What an appalling display of ego. Not to mention stupidity. Praising one city at the expense of every other city isn't exactly a great way for a news anchor to endear himself to viewers outside of Chicago. Here are some other recent examples of Brian's pandering:

> "And good evening from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one of the great American cities...." (9/24 Nightly News)
> "One of the most startlingly beautiful cities in the world...." (Speaking about Sydney, 9/23 Nightly News)
> "The city of Chicago has never looked better. Day or night it is simply breathtaking." (From Brian's 9/21 blog)
> "Tom Brokaw on Highway 50. His next stop by the way is the great American town of Emporia, Kansas." (9/9 Nightly News)
> "There's a great place to be--The scene tonight on the Navy Pier in Chicago--70 degrees going down to 55 tonight, 77 tomorrow afternoon." (9/4 Nightly News--this was a complete non sequitur--there was no actual story about the Navy Pier, just another excuse to pander)
> "We thought it might also be because it looks like one of those beautiful Rhode Island beaches on the real Block Island." (8/4 Nightly News, after reporting that a rock on Mars was named "Block Island" by NASA)
> "The Great Lakes are spectacular." (7/17 Nightly News)
> "If your summer plans include the great city of Chicago...." followed by, "Luckily, Chicago is also beautiful when viewed from the sidewalk." (7/1 Nightly News, before and after a story about a glass-bottomed viewing area in the then-Sears Tower)

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