Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheerleader Brian Williams

Great news for NBC! According to an article in Saturday's New York Times, the Peacock Network only lost $223 million on the Vancouver Olympics, which is less than the estimated $250 million they thought they were going to lose. Of course, you won't see that story on Nightly News. That's because when it comes to reporting on NBC and its parent company GE, Brian Williams is a cheerleader, not a reporter. On Feb. 13, Brian could barely contain himself when he announced that the previous night's Olympic Opening Ceremony had attracted 68 million viewers (Nielsen put the rating at 32.6 million--less than half of what Brian claimed). On March 1, Brian bragged that the previous day's USA-Canada gold medal hockey game was "one of the most-watched sporting events in television history...." (a claim that is dubious at best). And of course, we all remember March 4, 2009, when Brian spent more than two minutes with CNBC's David Faber desperately trying to prop up GE's falling stock price by talking about what a great and solid company GE is.

I think that whenever Brian reads a story about NBC or GE, he should pick up a pair of pompoms. After all, that's what cheerleaders do.

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