Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little Rock, Alaska

During Tuesday's Nightly News story about how European air travel has been disrupted by the volcanic ash cloud, a large on-screen graphic proclaimed "63,000 Flights Cancelled". The very next night, a similar story included a graphic that announced "100,000 Flights Canceled". So were the flights cancelled or canceled? It's hard to believe that a supposedly professional news broadcast cannot manage to spell a word the same way two nights in a row.

On Friday's broadcast, a story about severe weather featured The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel. At the beginning and end of the segment, a caption under Seidel informed us that he was reporting from "Little Rock, AK". No. The state abbreviation for Arkansas is AR. AK is the abbreviation for Alaska. How is it possible that the producers and editors could make a mistake like this? Is anyone at Nightly News paying attention to what goes on the air? Does anyone care? This is not OK (that's Oklahoma, by the way).

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