Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kerry Sanders--Baseball Fan

Can someone please buy Kerry Sanders a baseball almanac? On Sunday's Nightly News story about survivors of Saturday's tornado in Mississippi, Sanders told us that one woman who survived is the mother of Houston Astros pitcher "Ray" Oswalt. Actually, his name is Roy Oswalt.

And on Monday's story about the rapidly increasing murder rate in Chicago, Kevin Tibbles told us that, "Two-year-old Cynia Cole (was) killed in the crossfire while sitting in the back seat of a car." A moment later, Cynia Cole's grandmother, Cynthia Lyons, was identified by a Nightly News graphic as "Cynia Lyons' Grandmother". It is appalling and disrespectful that Nightly News cannot even manage to correctly identify this poor little girl who was tragically murdered. The Nightly News producers owe her family an apology.

Does anyone at Nightly News bother to fact check? Does anyone there even care anymore?

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